The Industry’s Leading Corporate Booking Tool

WINGS Corporate: your simple and easy-to-use corporate booking tool.

A user-friendly, intuitive booking system.

WINGS Corporate is the leading online corporate booking tool (CBT), helping TMCs centralize and simplify corporate travel by offering a better service to corporate customers.

Simple and quick to set up and use with a shared interface between agents and corporates to enforce trust and increase productivity.

WINGS Corporate features:


Integrated with 3 GDS (air, car, and hotel), LCC, NDC, and all major hotel providers.

Dynamic Policies

Customize policy settings by total price, price based on specific destinations, travel time, star rating, and more.

Buffer Policies

Ability to add a buffer by fixed amount or percentage to the lowest price.


Multi-level approval process to control travel booked outside policy.


Fully integrated within the platform and connected to GDS profiles via Umbrella Profiles.


Unique functionality of travelers, approvers, and agents to book a trip collaboratively in real-time.


Dynamic reporting for the TMC and corporate to monitor all transactions made on the platform and generate reports for their customers.

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