Leisure Online Booking Tool

WINGS Club: leisure and corporate travel booking tool.

Easy setup for quick rollout and to create a new and lucrative revenue stream.

With WINGS Club, you have the tools to set up a private “club” with a more personalized experience to a closed group of customers. This includes the ability to provide secure access to flights, hotels, car rental, tours, cruises, and activities in one easy-to-use interface.

Customize fonts and site colors to align with your agency branding or targeted audience.

WINGS Club features:

Leisure OBT

Ability to set up closed user groups, secure booking portals for corporate customers or specific groups without the complexity of corporate booking tools, and still offer access to a secure environment to book travel.

User Management

Control the user access and provide a streamlined registration process with secure login.


Provide market discounted rates, special offers, and promotions to an exclusive group of users.

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